Kathleen Helms

The Terror of the Black Screen

I sat down at my desk yesterday, cup of coffee to my right and my older dog Gage on his bed by my side, ready to dive in to work on book #6.

I opened my Mac Book Pro and nothing happened😱. The keys didn’t light up and the screen didn’t come to life. I tapped a few keys…nothing. I plugged the computer in and a white box appeared on the screen with a black question mark inside it. My stomach plummeted.


I think most of us have experienced that feeling of abject terror when technology fails us.

Everything worked out fine for me. I watched a few YouTubes on my phone and was able to bring the computer back to life with everything intact.

I regularly save my work to an external hard drive as well, so if the system had seriously crashed I would have lost about 2,000 words rather than 35,000. Still, those 2,000 would have been hard to replicate.

The experience got me thinking about the way our modern world 🌎 works.

I grew up in the days of typewriters , landlines, and network television. I was a young adult, married with three children under the age of five, when computers  started making their way into every household.

I watched the evolution of the cell phone from a stick phone that made calls and sent texts to the mini computers we all carry with us today. More and more I find myself longing for the simpler times.

My Nana had a small piece of paper tucked inside her bible. I have framed it and keep it on my desk where I can see it each day. I’m trying very hard to live my life by her words.

Do more than exist: LIVE
Do more than touch: FEEL
Do more than look: OBSERVE
Do more than hear: LISTEN
Do more than listen: UNDERSTAND
Do more than think: PONDER
Do more than talk: SAY SOMETHING!

Cheers to living life intentionally, connecting with those around us, communing with nature, and walking away from technology from time to time.


In loving memory of Mike

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