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Fact is stranger than fiction for Valley Center author

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Author Kathleen Helms moved to Valley Center 22 years ago, seeking a neighborly atmosphere to raise her daughters.

She worked and taught in the school district for eight years, Tribal Head Start in Rincon for a year, and at High Sierra Academy Preschool for six years.

About five years ago, she realized a dream come true…she became a writer. She has written five novels to date and is focused on her sixth.

AI Smith” (2019), “LoyaltyMistrust” (2020), “Deception” (2021) and “Identity” (2022) comprise her current array of impressive and suspenseful novels.

Helms’s novels are filled with in-depth research pertaining to the central topic of each book… at times, the reader may need to remind themselves this is fiction.

For example, her book “Identity” deals with DNA, the ease of governmental access to our personal information, public security camera footage and significantly more. Have you had your DNA tested?

You may think twice after reading this “story” inspired by astonishing facts.

Book_Kathleen_Helms_IdentityThe countless representations of southern California locations in “Identity,” contains detailed street routes, restaurants, and notable stomping grounds. It’s an action-packed, highly descriptive detective narrative that “plays” like a film in the reader’s mind.

Helms has measured time in all the places portrayed in her books, providing the reader with a full sensory experience. It’s as true in some respects as it can be without it being nonfiction.

Helms shares,
“Each book is a stand-alone adventure that deals with a timely topic. The first one, ‘A.I. Smith was born of frightening research that I simply could not ignore. It is such fun to create a fictional story around topics that are very real and impact us as human beings here and now.”

Readers of all ages (11-92), including Winnie Meyers and the Meyers Manx Club, have endorsed Helms’s novels.

Helms has spoken at several local book clubs, women’s groups and the Valley Center Rotary Club. She also produces a quarterly newsletter (www.kathleenhelms.com).

You’re welcome to sign up.“If someone wants to write, they should write at every opportunity. Practice writing descriptions of places, people and environments. Write, write, write…,” advises Helms for aspiring authors.

All of Helms’s novels are available on Amazon, her website (www.kathleenhelms.com) and locally at Valley Center Community Pharmacy. If you read one of Helms’s novels, you will be compelled to read all of them.

Helms’s book, “Identity”, reminds us,“We have a responsibility to stand watch over one another, we are watchers, all of us, watchers, guarding against the darkness.” ― Dean Koontz


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