Kathleen Helms

About Kathleen

I have always been a reader. My Mom taught me to read when I was four and I’ve been going strong ever since.

Kathleen at desk

Writing a book has been a lifelong dream, but was always put on hold by real life.

When I was fifteen you could find me flipping pizzas for pocket money at Stuffed Pizza. I moved on to Longs Drugs where I remained for fifteen years.

During that time I married my amazing husband and we welcomed three wonderful daughters into our lives. When I left Longs I earned my teaching credential and taught pre-k, fourth, and fifth for the next 17 years.

When the universe finally presented me with some time my husband suggested I take the opportunity and write a book. I gratefully accepted his suggestion and six months later A.I. Smith was born.

My original intention was to write the one book and then return to teaching but I found the entire process so enjoyable and addicting, and the reactions from the readers so profound, that I continued to write. Here I am, five years later, working on my sixth book and continuing to delight in this amazing opportunity I have been given.

My family might tell you that I tend to look at the worst-case scenario and I have to admit that this is true. It isn’t the greatest way to go about real life but sure works well when one is writing novels of mystery and suspense. My brother once asked me how I could think of these situations and plot lines. I suppose it is just in my DNA.

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